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nipple confusion?

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    Thanks for the advice Capital.
    If the author's bio is correct, she does have may years experience including being a breast feeding counselor.
    Her advice is to introduce the bottle (with a specific nipple to control flow) in the first 3 weeks. This is the opposite of everything else I have read, which says to wait at least 4 weeks.
    All the info can be confusing!
    I'd like to have Dad give one bottle a day when he's home . I should have been more specific in original question. My bad.

    Thanks again!

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    Although breastfeeding is something that we have been doing for a long, long time, it is only recently that we have any real understanding of exactly what is happening.

    It was a recent as the late nineties that we started to understand that babies actually have the instinct to breastfeed and that things such as separation from the mother and drugs taken during birth can interfere with this process.

    It is now recognized by many (especially those who are up-to-date with the latest research) that the baby continues to have this ability for many months after birth ? as long as it isn?t interfered with. Unfortunately bottles do interfere with this process.

    In recognition of the fact that the field is one where we are gaining more and more understanding as the years pass lactation consultants have to recertify every five years (This generally means passing the exam again.)

    Tracey Hogg, although qualified as a midwife never became a lactation consultant and is defiantly not up-to-date with the latest research as she has been dead for nearly five years.

    I can understand that your husband wants to bond with your baby but I?d suggest that you encourage him to do some of the skin-to-skin contact (where baby is dressed in just his nappy against a bare chest with blankets wrapped around both of you) rather than compete with the breastfeeding in this venerable time.

    If you are have a cesarean then the father can do the skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth instead of the mother and although this clearly doesn't give the baby the chance to breastfeed it is better for baby than being wrapped up and put in a cot - and it definitely helps the father bond with the new baby.

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    This is just one of the many area's where you will recieve conflicting information........

    My perspective is that both of my babies were in SCBU during the first week of their lives. I spent from 9am to 7pm on the ward breast feeding at QMH allocated "feeding time" then expressed every 3-4 hours, using a double electric pump.

    Once back at home had one or two bottles daily of expressed milk. Neither baby had any problems with nipple confusion. Once they reached about 6 weeks old they actually recieved less bottles, because they were much efficient (quicker) at drinking milk directly from the breast.

    I say do what works for you, your baby, in your home.

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