Hi kerry,

In th thread titled "Breakfast or not?" you gave a lot of practical advice regarding a baby's diet. I now have a big big headache regarding my LO's refusal for milk. He's now 9 months and ever since he's 3.5 mths old we have big problem at feeding him his formula. Until lately we managed to feed him formula for a total of ~20oz a day (need to use spoon to feed coz' he simply refuse to suck from bottle) plus 2 times of solid. Since last Saturday he became very reluctant to swallow the formula milk when we feed him by spoon. It seems he really dislikes the taste of milk that even we mix the milk with baby cereal or fruit he wouldn't take it. Like this morning we steamed the formula milk with half an eggyolk and very reluctantly he finished around 4oz of that. Ok my query is can I just let him eat other things in replacement of the milk? He's ok with the congee and noodles we cook for him with vegetables and meat. Is it OK that we try for a while to feed him all day with things other than milk to just let his body "rest" for a while until he resumes interest in milk? Even if I don't so I am running out of ideas to let him take the formula milk. I even tried putting a bit of cocoa powder into his formula to make it "chocolate formula" but still he doesn't take it. PLS SHARE YOUR ADVICE. I'M REALLY DESPERATE.