Actually, at 8 months, she still takes in about the same breast milk as she has for the past few months. There hasn’t been much decrease at all from what she took at 5-6 months, because she doesn’t take that much solids yet – just one meal of fruit or vegetables in the morning and one meal of oatmeal or rice in the afternoon. Both meals are followed by breast milk.

I am thinking about introducing formula, because I am a bit tired of pumping at work and also worried that she is not getting enough nutrition, esp. iron. But I have not given her formula yet – I‘ve tried many types, but cannot find one that I would like to give her.

Now, I think my baby is teething, because this week, she again is refusing to nurse. This time, she will even refuse to open her month when I try to nurse - crying, rolling over, screaming. It is quite worrying!