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short-let weekend escape?

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    Pok Fu Lam

    short-let weekend escape?

    We are looking to rent a 4/5-bed house in Sai Kung / CWB / Lamma / Lantau for a week or so over christmas.

    We want to 'escape' HK without getting on a plane. I've done some googling, but not come up with anything....seems barmy to me that there is no market for short-term rentals as there would be in UK/Au etc?

    If anyone has some recommendations - bring em on! (likewise if someone has a 4/5 bed house they would like to rent me over christmas - that'd be great).


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    If you dont mind boats (you may not get 4/5 bed but 3/4) then it may be worth while checking out the DB forum (just put 'DB forum hk' into google to find it) there are plenty for short term rental. Just browse down to the boat section on the front page.

    There are lots of flats for rent too but they tend to be smaller. Lots of space on a boat too, outdoor and in.

    May not work for you but it's a suggestion...

    Good luck.

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