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Keeping baby in high chair

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    Keeping baby in high chair

    My first one was quite content to be in his high chair until almost 2.5yo (when we had to "wean" him off it to free up the chair for the baby).

    My second one, now 14mo, will NOT sit in the high chair. She'd happily eat (and a lot!) but will only do so if she is allowed to explore, walk around. She will come back to the table for more and then take off again. Same thing when we're eating out.

    Are there any "tricks" that you can share to help me keep her in the high chair longer? Tried toys on the tray, turning on the TV (this didn't work either --luckily)... I guess it's a matter of her budding independence, but I'm just worried that if I don't nip this in the bud, it might be a bigger problem down the line. All advice appreciated. :)

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    Our son also hated the high chair and I think he still hates it, but yesterday we were out and we put him in the high chair during lunch and he ate his lunch without much fuss and we were surprised he is 19 months plus, probably she is not ready to be tied down.

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