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    Hi manny

    Yes, research is the key and talk to as many parents as you can. Like you, we thought that any school would be better than the local ones around YL area, but I do know quite a few children that attend local schools in the area and are thriving. The language in these schools are mainly cantonese and mandarin.

    My daughter was accepted at St.Clare's girl school in Pokfulam which would have meant moving out to HK island. This wasn't an issue and I really liked the school, the girls were impeccably behaved, very polite and all very robotic if you know what I mean.
    My daughters friend who went to Maryknoll girls school, we haven't managed to see her for months now as she is always busy with tutoring, homework and revision everyday. This would have been very similar for my daughter if she attended St.Clare's.

    We eventually sent her to Hong Lok Yuen Int'l in Tai Po. I really like the school as it is small and has a strong parent/teacher community. They only have 2 classes per year group and each class with a max of 26 students and I think there is only 20 in my daughters class right now. They have a strong Mandarin program which the children attend everyday.

    I think if you want your child to be very good and reading and writing chinese, then you need to send her to a local school. Most Int'l schools do not teach cantonese but teach Mandarin instead.
    We are slightly different, my daughter hopefully will be fluent in reading and writing with Mandarin in a few years and she is already fluent in speaking cantonese. I do not need her to be able to read cantonese as well. (chinese characters are the same in mandarin and cantonese?)

    Again thinking way into the future, I believe that no matter where our children end up working, UK,US or HK, Mandarin will play a much larger role in the work place than cantonese. That is only my opinion though.

    Yes, I will private message you with my msn and email address and will be great to keep in touch!

    take care

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    Hi Kaman,

    Thanks for your reply. What was the process for applying to those HK Island schools and HLYuen in Taipo? Asides from fillnig in the forms, any thing fundamental you could point out ie. babes has pretty much gotta act smart during interview etc hehe.

    Mandarin and Cantonese characters are the same. Chinese characters are the same. Mandarin and Cantonese are different dialects. I'm not worried about her Cantonese but more so on the writing and reading of Chinese characters.

    I'm too keen on her to learn Mandarin well and also English. Cantonese is every day life outside so should be ok.

    Did your baby go preschool? I can't find any good preschools around here. I'm thinking about preschool outside, then k1-k3 at St.Lorraines. Then Int'l school for P1 etc.

    Sent you a msn reply. Easier to talk that way.

    See you soon.

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    You should definitely think of Jing Jing International Kindergarten in Tuen Mun. They take children from 2 years old (unaccompanied in the Nursery) They are on holiday now but back end of August.
    They have a Chinese and International section.

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