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gDiapers - Anyone used them?

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    gDiapers - Anyone used them?


    Has anyone tried gDiapers before? I just heard about them today. The diapers are non-plastic and dissolve when you flush them in the toilet. If they are thrown away they only take 50 days to decompose in a landfill. Brand was started in Australia but looks like they sell in the US and Canada now.

    They look pretty cool and easy to use, but would be interested to hear any reviews on them!

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    I have used the Australian equivalent. They didn't suit us at all, but maybe that's because I was used to using the normal modern cloth nappies, which for us worked a lot better. Mothercare also has a version of these available in HK. I have seen them in their Lee Gardens store.

    I guess at face value it does seem like the best of both worlds, in that you get the convenience of a disposable, where you can flush the waste away, but the environmental benefits of washable nappies, ie no landfill, can reuse the covers again and again.

    But I found the ones I used didn't hold much in, so everything got messy anyway, and they didn't come up perfectly clean when I washed them. That's just MY experience, and it wasn't the exact brand you're mentioning, it was an older Australian version. Also, they are more expensive than either disposables or cloth since you have to keep buying the flushable inserts.

    You may as well give them a try, see if you like them?

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