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milk bottles

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    milk bottles

    I'm still confused about which bottles are good to use and which are not. Can anyone help ?
    I have a lot of Nuk bottles from two years ago that I used for my first daughter, I've kept them and was planning to change the teats for my newborn. However, in the articles I've read, Nuk bottles aren't mentioned. I also have an Avent hand pump and First Year storage jars for my breast milk, don't think the First Year Jars are good to use, how about the Avent Pump ?

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    we are using bfree plus bottles as they are bisphenol free (and says so on the package). we were using avent when dd for one month right after she was borned and then changed to dr brown since they have the device that would reduce gas sucked in by the baby. we thought this was helpful since dd was getting a lot of gas with avents. a couple of days later we read about bisphenol and decided to changed to bfree plus since they were bisphenol free and also have the same 'device' in the bottles. another plus with bfree plus is that the device also has an indicator that changes colour to show if the water is too hot for the baby to drink immediately. we are very happy with bfree plus.

    i have the avent single hand pump but bought ameda lactaline instead since it wasn't practical to hand pump for me. but now, i don't pump anymore and just bf her each time and then top up with babynat formula.

    hope this helps.

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    Hey always use BPA free bottle

    See the following link -

    I dropped all my bottles with BPA and used glass type since 2 months ago. However, I recenly found that some brands in the market released new BPA (plastics bottle) - check "Pigeon"

    Hope this help.

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