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Have you had success with DOMPERIDOME?

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    LLL_Sarah is offline Registered User
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    If your baby will latch on well have you considered trying a lactation aid to increase your supply?

    Usually a lactation aid will work much better than additional pumping. A lactation aid allows the baby to get the supplemented milk (either expressed breast milk or formula) from a tube while breastfeeding. This means that the baby gets the extra milk but more she will stimulate you to produce more.

    Remember if you want to increase your supply you need to stimulate your breasts when they are empty. The lactation aid allows this as the baby still gets milk and so will feed at the breast when normally she would have started to fuss.

    To view a video and get a handout about the lactation aid go to and scroll down under the heading At Breast Supplementer.

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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    noc is offline Registered User
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    For pumping, (1) the time of pumping and (2) the type of pump make a big difference. For me, using my hospital grade Medela pump is much more effective than e.g. my Medela handheld pump. Also, mornings were much better than afternoons.

    Did you also know that babies don’t actually need that much breast milk, only about 25-30 ounces a day even at 6 months. There is a good website that discusses this at

    Another thing you can do to increase your supply is to pump in the middle of the night – there is something about pumping or feeding during the night that will increase your supply. In the early days, I used to set my alarm to pump at 3 am – this allowed me to create a stock of milk for when I went to work, and also helped me increase my supply. When I first did this, I could only pump 1 to 2 ounces per breast, til I could pump 4 ounces per breast.

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    Are you using an electric pump ? Maybe it is worth hiring a double electric pump for a short period of time. These are much more efficient at pumping milk and doing both sides at the same time should help stimulate your milk supply.
    Secondly, are you feeding in the night ? The hormone that stimulates milk supply is high during the night time, so try feeding at night time more.
    Good luck and perservere, it is worth it !

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    Hi Buckeroo,

    I love Korean seaweed soup and It's amazing to know that i improves the quantity of breat milk. I have taken the fish, papaya soup on the first few months after giving birth to my #1, however it didnt improve my milk supply. I got more milk at the end just because I pumped more often. As what lactation expert said, empty breast makes more milk.
    I'm now pregnant again with #2 and really interested to try this seaweed soup. Do you know where I can buy the seaweed and can you recommend any brand if it is already packed. Thanks heaps!

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    Buckeroo is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hi, limantari. Congrats on pregnancy #2. :)

    My husband got his distributor to get it for him in Korea, but I would think that any Korean shop here would have it, too, as it is almost a staple of the Korean diet. Apparently there are different grades of laver, ranging from reasonable to VERY expensive. We've tried different ones, but they all tasted similar to me. The one that we have right now is OTTOGI SEAWEED --that's the only English in the entire packaging; everything else is in Korean. I don't know if that is the brand or what. I'm sure if you get to a Korean shop, you can just ask them for "seaweed used for making soup after giving birth" and they'll be able to help you. They serve the seaweed soup not just for post-pregnancy, but also during birthdays, so it's really very common.

    Good luck. I really swear by it.

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