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Anyone moved in from Singapore?

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    jaetee is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2005

    We are going through this exact dilemma right now - any Singaporean moms willing to PM this Singapore-newbie and answer a few questions for me? :)

    Thanks so much. :)

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    iris.18 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
    Hong Kong

    Hi, i am from spore and i am here in HK as my husband is posted here. Spore is definitely a better place to live in if you have a family. The air for one is much better, and if you speak english, you will find it very easy to adjust to spore as it is a predominantly english speaking society.
    Spore is much more relaxed than HK, the shopping malls for one are not as crowded.
    All in all, if you are thinking of relocating for the good of the family, then i would say Spore is great. Schools are easy to find (no such thing as interviews), food is definitely more international, and while housing is not necessarily cheap, it depends on where you choose to stay as well. It is still cheaper than HK comparatively.

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    yuukalim0404 is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Tseung Kwan O

    I lived in Singapore for most of my life and only recently moved to HK for 3 years.
    The only attractive pt of HK is the higher salary and personally for me the fact that it has "winter" season with cooler weather also attracts me.
    Other than that SG wins in terms of clean air, greenery, larger and cheaper (HDB) houses, better eductation and kids get to speak English at young age. Did I forget to mention the roads in SG are straight and much easier to manuver? I am one that is prone to car sickness and HK hilly roads are definitely not a plus.

    Hk is more "traditional", crowded and dirty ( Mongkok, Kowloon places which I avoid) One of my top complaints is the lack of toilets in HK. Why are there no toilets in MTR?? you find in them in Japan, Taiwan, SG and yes even Shenzhen! This is something I cannot understand and find very frustrating as I always have a small baldder.
    A minor complaint from a Singaporean will be the lack of spicy foods and chilli in HK...

    So why am I still here in HK? Cos my hubby is from HK and he will not move to SG. But having said all that, HK is still a relatively easy place to live in, with easy access to transport, shopping, food...if you forget all the minuses I have just mention, one can still be relatively happy living here!

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    iris.18 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
    Hong Kong

    hi yuukalim,
    i definitely understand what you meant by the hilly roads and the crowded places.
    with a family, SG is definitely a better place to be in.

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    engee's Avatar
    engee is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Sheung wan

    Thankyou everyone of you for the replies.We have decidd to move weighing the pros and cons :-)
    love to all.

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    radicalmum's Avatar
    radicalmum is offline Registered User
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    May 2008
    fortress hill

    Hihi engee,

    I just realize that these websites may help you to better compare your research.
    I personally think it all boils down to what you want to achieve and what kind if lifestyle suits you and family best end of the day. There's always 2 side to a coin. =)

    Also, most corporate employers engaging expats will most probably advise their employees to invest alittle time to visit the country of desire and stay for a couple of weeks to see if they are comfortable with what they experience personally before making the big move.

    Wish you good luck,


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