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Feeding Schedule for 6mth old

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLL_Sarah View Post
    Usually we suggest feeding the baby at the breast first and then topping up with the solids. This way the baby gets the most breast milk (which is, of course, the better food) and finished off with the solids.
    Hi Sarah

    thanks for responding. What I'm doing now is feeding baby some solids in the afternoon, about 1hour aft her last nursing session. When u say topping up with solids aft nursing, do u mean immediate or 1hour later? Does this mean even when baby is taking 3solids a day (like an adult: bfast,lunch,dinner) I should still nurse her 5-6times a day? I truly dunno how this is supp to work?

    The other thing is, I know I'm supp to "nurse on demand" but I must admit I'm still unsure the "demand" part. I'm still somewhat feeding my gal on a 3-4hour interval as a guide. Hence the confusion when and how solids is supp to kick in between these 5-6 nursing session.

    I'm also unsure when should we be introducing more sessions of solids ie adding breakfast and dinner etc. And then there's also supp to be the snacks sessions like fruit pur?e rite? So with all these in, where do I still fit in the nursing sessions? I'm also worried if my gal will still want to latch on after being on solids. I've read that the older they get, the more distracted they are, so what with them feeling partially full by solids meals and snacks, will she still hv the interest to nurse? If I minimise the solids so she is hungry enough to nurse, will she then be too not used to solids? And refused to eat them in the future, cos I did read that some babies reject solids food well into toddlerhood becos they're not used to the texture as the mommy intro solids at a stage too late.

    I'm sorry for the many questions which may appear as silly..but would really like to be well prepared... Feels uneasy not knowng a proper guideline to this. So many contradicting info out there!


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    Just sent you pm

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