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Hospital Bag for Public Hospital

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    yuukalim0404 is offline Registered User
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    Hospital Bag for Public Hospital

    Hi Ladies,
    I am currently 30 weeks and worried I may have a early term so thought I better get ready just in case.

    I read from some earlier posts but those are mainly for private hospitals. Could some kind ladies please advise what are essentials to pack to bring for public hospital ( United Christian to be exact) Thanks!
    Btw I am planning for natural birth.

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    mk29 is offline Registered User
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    I recently delivered my boy at pamela youde eastern hospital and it was a really good experience.
    Reg the hospital bag, I think they would have already given you a list of items to be packed when you had registered at the hospital. The list of items was quite enough for me for the 2 days(I also had a natural birth),except that you might have to take couple of toilet paper rolls.
    ps: I actually changed to private ward at the hospital and facilites and care was exhaustive.

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    rachrobin is offline Registered User
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    Wan Chai

    Hi there,

    I am delivering at QMH sometime in the next month. I have 2 bags packed, one for me, one for baby.....

    Baby Bag

    • Disposable nappies x 12
    • Cotton wool
    • Baby nappy cream
    • Muslin squares x 3
    • Swaddling blanket x 2
    • Onesie x 6 (Some a bit larger as I've been told to expect a big baby!)
    • Light cotton hat, booties & scratch mittens

    Mum's Bag
    • 2 packs maternity pads
    • Breast pads
    • Lasinoh nipple cream
    • 2 packs bed liners (was told you must have these by the hospital)
    • 6 pairs cheap, black maternity underwear (more comfortable than disposable as suggested by hospital)
    • 2 nightgown/pyjamas - prefer not to wear hospital's
    • 2 nursing bras
    • General toiletries
    • Muesli bars
    • Baby sling
    • Breast feeding pillow
    • Camera

    Basically I've been told all the hospital supply are the pyjamas (and hospital food) ! I will be relying on husband to bring food and anything else i might have missed.

    Good luck!

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    geomum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Hong Kong

    Hi Rachrobin,
    I was savagely hungry right after delivery (As most would agree its quite a workout bringing your bundle of joy into this world :) and the next few days following. I had packed lots of healthy snacks, fruits/ juice and milk in my hospital bag. I also took along ear plugs and sleep mask which proved quite useful since I was in the general ward.
    I think you forgot to add wet wipes, bath wash and shampoo in your baby bag. Also take your own drinking water if you don't want to drink boiling hot water the hospital provides.
    You also might need extra maternity pads, matress pads and diapers but no worries you can buy them at 7/11 downstairs.
    PS: The hospital accepted only one brand of matress pads (Yellow packet), which was available at 7/11 downstairs. They asked for it right after delivery, so my husband had to run downstairs to get it, you might want to have it ready with you in the labour room.
    Wish you the very best :)

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    rachrobin is offline Registered User
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    Wan Chai

    thanks Geomum - much appreciated!

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    you need to take EVERYTHING.

    toilet roll
    flipflops (for the shower)
    *******EARPLUGS*********(do not forget these!)
    mat pads
    under/bed pad
    clothing for leaving hospital for you and baby (they supply wraps and blankets for baby)
    eyepatch for sleeping
    dental floss
    cotton buds
    wipes/cotton balls (& bowl for water)
    lip balm
    hand cream (i found it rather dry)
    i took peanut butter and a half loaf of bread with a knife in case i wanted a late night snack
    bra pads, in case your milk comes in before you leave hospital

    i found the food absolutely abyssmal (i was in 13 times over two pregnancies). hubby brought food for me, but you can also order from soho delivers, dial-a-dinner, pizza hut etc. and have them deliver to you on the ward. no problem. just have them call you when they arrive and you can meet them outside the doors.

    i also found the place quite warm and always took my own camisoles/tank tops to wear. i sometimes put their top on over top.

    also, i took my own pillow, made me more comfortable

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