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Where to get helper med check?

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    Where to get helper med check?

    I am hiring a helper who is already here in HK, her contract just ended.
    I underestand she will need a new medical check up? Anyone know where I can get one? I had posted this actually on Asia Xpat and got some response but it said I had to wire the money into some account so didn't trust that...anyone know of a reliable, certifiable med check up place that is not too costly?


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    I don't recall that a med check was "required" when we hired our helper, but we did one anyway just because we wanted to make sure that she didn't have any infectious disease or was pregnant (so that we wouldn't end up paying her AND having to take care of her).

    We just accompanied her to a general practitioner. Most private clinics / GPs have packages for DH health checks.

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    We sent our helper to World Expert (tel:28903808). It has a number of dif locations in HK so you can choose one close by. (We went to their clinic in Central).

    At the time, it cost around HK$550 for the pkg:
    The Pre-employment Check Up - WE5A:
    1. Haemoglobin
    2. Hepatitis B surface antigen ??? HbsAg
    3 HIV I & II antibodies (AIDS)
    4. VDRL
    5. Stool
    6. Pregnancy test (latex)
    7. Routine & microscopy
    8. Chest X-ray

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