I just want to ask whether anyone knows about the nationality issue.

My situation is this. I hold a Belgian passport (I was born there) and my husband holds a British passport (he was born there too). Both of our parents are from HK originally so they already have HK ID card which is why we managed to get them. We've got 3 star so we're permanent residents.

I'm planning to give birth in HK and I asked the British Consulate in HK about whether my baby can get British nationality and it seems fine as the baby can follow my husband since my he was born there. I guess if my husband wasn't born in the UK then that'll be another issue?? Anyway, that's good news!

However, how about getting a 3 star permanent HK ID card for the baby? I know that we only just managed to get the HK ID cards through our parents so if my baby is born in HK, does he/she automatically qualify to be a permanent resident of HK? If I give birth in the UK, I can be quite sure the baby won't be able to get permanent HK residency. What about if I give birth here in HK then we decide to leave HK and go back to the UK, will my baby still be able to get his/her ID card when he/she reaches the age of 11 years old? (that's the age I gather they can get a proper ID card).

Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks :)