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Where can helper stay?

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    Where can helper stay?

    We are hiring a helper currently in HK, finishing her contract on 5th Aug. According to the agent, her new visa will only be out mid Aug earliest and from 5th Aug till then, she has to stay at boarding house. I know it's illegal for her to work for us before her visa comes out, but she says that she does not really want to stay at boarding house. So, my question is, can she stay with us for that period, if it's not working? We have a toddler and a baby, so it'd be good for them to get use to her face during that time. The Agent has told us that it'll illegal for her to stay with us, but I cannot find a law which says that specifically. Also will the gov interview her and would it jeopardise her chances of getting visa if she stays with us? Any info would be appreciated.

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    I don't know why it would be illegal if she's not working....
    It would be like offering a place to stay to a friend, wouldn't it?

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    By law that she cannot work for you, but if she stays at your place and not working it's ok.

    I had the similar situation before, and ended up let her stay at the boarding house during that couple of weeks. As a friend told me that some helper would say she doesn't like to go to boarding house and use this period to stay with you, observing your family and the children. If she finds out there's anything she doesn't like, she would quit from you as soon as her visa is issued, that would give her plenty of time to find another employer. So, watch out, not to fall into the trap!

    I may be wrong, just let you know what I've heard.

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