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BF in Nursing Room - bad experience

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    mumto2 is offline Registered User
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    hear hear cara...WAY too many other things in the world to get upset about...

    I agree Jane, they should ALL be "parent" rooms...and being able to feed your child is an absolute gift that should not be hidden away...everyone feed in public, show it off, be

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    Quote Originally Posted by bekyboo44 View Post
    ...I didn't find that many people fact most of the time I b/f my son in public few people seemed to notice, and if they did and felt uncomfortable well that unfortunetly is their problem.
    I did find giggling local teenagers annoying....but looking back it is probably the first time they had ever seen a baby b/f (sad but true)! I soon got over them too.
    ITA. Few people notice, and if they do, people in general try very hard NOT to look at you. In my experience, the only ones who stare are little kids who are obviously confused having never seen b/f before.

    To the OP, if it was a nursing room where men are prohibited, I'd take it up with the management.

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    Rad is offline Registered User
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    As a baby, my daughter always needed a quiet place to feed, her reflux made her all agitated and it was nice to have a few quiet rooms around where we could feed her, or it would have otherwise meant we didn't go out during her feed times. A lot of times this was done by my husband so that I could get a break and just walk around a mall.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that it is fantastic that both mums and dads can use these rooms, there are cases where parents and kids need a quiet place irrespective if they are bottle fed or breastfed. And if dad is willing to give the mum time out - I think we should respect that rather than prefer if he called her back to feed the baby

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    Honkyblues is offline Registered User
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    While I personally don't mind breastfeeding in public (and still do with my 10-mth-old), some people are more shy or conservative or modest or less confident. The OP is obviously in one of those categories. There's nothing wrong with that - everyone is different. And let's face facts, with certain babies at certain ages, it IS difficult to feed discreetly - lots of bobbing on and off and exposing a nipple when babies are around 3-4mths, or with a newborn, mum often has to wave the nipple around to try to get little one to latch on.

    What I'm trying to say is please give the OP a break - she didn't create this thread to be made to feel silly for wanting to feed her baby without men around. She wanted a bit of sympathy - and as a supportive community, we should give her that - not lecture her on the rights and wrongs of breastfeeding rooms versus bottle-feeding rooms, or mums' rooms versus parents' rooms.

    Good luck to all - however you feed your little ones - in finding a nice spot in HK to do that!

    Live and let live, and big hugs to all!!!

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    peainpod is offline Registered User
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    Wow, I started the post, it was just to vent some frustration I felt at the time, I certainly didn't mean for it to turn into this emotional debate. Sorry if my OP offended anyone, it wasn't meant to.

    Thanks Cool-gaga for sharing your experience - I appreciated hearing about it and sorry if you felt attacked afterwards.

    To carang/jane/mum2b, I realize that many bfing moms think canopies are a waste of time. It's just that for a NEW mom, there's a bit of a learning curve in adjusting to the whole bfing routine, and part of it is getting comfortable enough with your own body and the feeding routine to do it in public without needing a cover. I think it's a personal choice and one that should not require defending.

    I have nothing against parents bottle-feeding their babies and understand that it is convenient to do so in a quiet room. However, it is Bfing Room (and not a Parent Room) so I feel that if there are bfing moms around, then expecting the dads to retreat (when there is a sign saying men are prohibited from entering) is not unreasonable. And certainly having the remaining moms glare at you while you feed your own baby is not the most comfortable of experiences. That is ALL I am saying.

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    "it is Bfing Room (and not a Parent Room) so I feel that if there are bfing moms around, then expecting the dads to retreat (when there is a sign saying men are prohibited from entering) is not unreasonable"

    i AGREE with you!

    i'm sorry if you felt under attack, it wasn't meant that way.... it was meant to try to bolster your self-confidence!

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    nsl is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Peainpod, I would have felt really frustrated in your shoes. I'm still bf my 9 month old baby, whom now hates bf canopy. I will greatly appreciate other mommies(and/daddies) being more understanding that not everyone is comfortable to bf in public despite being proud of it. And YES, i ithink bfing mom should have the privilege of using the bfing room.

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    hkaussie is offline Registered User
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    My ideal situation is to have a 'parents' room, where involved and caring Dads can also feed and change their babies without feeling like perverts or intruders. BUT to also have separated breastfeeding booths or curtained cubicles within this room for those women who feel like they would like more privacy. The Disneyland baby care room is the only place I know of in HK that is like this.

    I detest breastfeeding in public, even in front of close friends unless they are also breastfeeding mothers. I feel very uncomfortable about potentially showing off part of my body that is normally kept modestly covered for a reason. I also hate strangers looking at me when feeding, even just out of curiosity. I would much rather relax on my own and be able to get comfortable, and have my baby feel peaceful rather than struggle to conceal everything.

    Like someone else said, everyone is different. It's great that some mothers feel completely ok about whipping it out and doing what's natural, while glaring at anyone who dares to tell them off. But try to understand that other women feel self-conscious about an act which is sometimes quite difficult and new and would rather have the choice to do it away from the presence of others, especially men who might be uncomfortable with it.

    Jane's suggestion of a muslin wrap is what I did when I was not able to go somewhere private to feed my baby.

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