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Moving to Stanley?

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    Moving to Stanley?

    I've also posted this on the Moving forum but this is probably the best place for my question.

    Where do I start?
    We will be moving to HK next Mar/Apr (from UK) and my husband has suggested Stanley as a place to live as (he says) the air quality is somewhat better than in other areas.

    My major priority is my two children, who will be 5 and 3 when we arrive. Where do I start in finding out..
    a) What schools are nearby/commutable?
    b) Which schools are good/should be avoided?

    I've no idea when the school year starts, or at what age, in HK.
    His job will pay for education so that's not too much of an issue but I don't want my 2 going to such an elite school that they risk turning into spoiled brats either. <puts on tin hat and runs for cover>

    So..........all suggestions for where to start researching are very welcome!

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    Hi Notmyaisle

    I've been here nearly 2 years and I have to admit, I find the whole school thing totally confusing.

    Firstly, you're right, you have to know where you'll be living. I wouldn't restrict yourself to Stanley. It's lovely, but the air quality there is no different to most of the Southside (Tai Tam, Repulse Bay, South Bay, Deepwater Bay, Shouson Hill, Parkview). Basically, you'll get the same pollution as most of HK, but as these areas aren't built up, it doesn't get trapped the way it does in Causeway Bay, Wan chai, Central etc. Plus anywhere on the Southside you don't have the traffic pollution. So while your husband has the right idea about going Southside to escape (a bit of) the pollution, you'll probably want to look in areas around Stanley (not just Stanley itself).

    For education, I suggest you look at the South China Morning Post's school supplement. It's my bible at the moment as I try to find a school for my 2.7yr old (he's in Parkview Int'l Pre-school at the moment) but in Sept 2009 will go to 'big school'.

    The supplement should be available online at

    FYI, we live at Parkview (it's about a 20min drive from Stanley) and I'm looking at Canadian Int'l School, French Int'l School, HK Int'l School, Bradbury ESF School and HK Academy for my little boy.

    Hope that helps a little.

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