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Child kidnapping in HK?

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    Child kidnapping in HK?

    Hi everyone,

    Maybe I worry too much but just want to find out how many of you HK moms out there have your helper send/pick up your kids to/from school? I have a two year old daughter and am worried about child kidnapping. Could anyone share their experiences?


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    Sai Kung

    i have never heard of anyone's child being kidnapped in hk....i've worked in MANY playgroups/kindies and hundreds, if not thousands of helpers do the pick-up-drop-off everyday.

    if you worry about this, are you going to let them take the child to the playground? to the supermarket? to a shopping centre?

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    I too think of HK as a safe place for my kids - much safer than Australia where they are from!

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    Not to add to the paranoia, but I have a friend who is the son of a prominent HK businessman who was 'kidnapped' and held for ransom by his driver when he was younger. Having said that, this was not a 'random' incident, rather more about a way to extort money from a wealthy family. In all, a VERY rare situation most of us will hopefully not have to worry about!

    But if you are concerned or have reason to be concerned, it might be best to accompany your daughter to school yourself if possible.

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    Hong Kong

    It's pretty rare here, although there was a case in mid-June of a seven year old Pakistani boy being kidnapped.

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