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Baby Slings

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    Baby Slings

    I'm planning to buy a baby sling to carry baby around. Are they good and easy to use ? Have not used one before. For my first baby,I used the Baby Bjorn; but found it a bit constricting. Any advise on which one to buy and if they give you a sore back since I see that most of them are slung acoss one shoulder. Am planning to buy from Doubibou, but does anyone know anywhere else I can get one, so that I can try it on before I buy it. Thanks.

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    hi Coco,

    give me a call at 92361284 for a chat, tks!


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    Talk to Sophie at Doubibou. I bought my Ergo from her and she talked to me about the pros and cons of all the carriers. I bought 2 from her and tried them on and chose the Ergo and sent back the other one so it is worth paying the shipping to make an unhurried decision. I use 2 different carriers. I really like the Didymos wraps that she sells. I have a Moby wrap which is similar to that. I like it a lot to wear around the house. But if I'm out all day, the Ergo is a great work horse and I have a bad back. Unfortunately, they both get hot. I've borrowed a Baby Bjorn but my little one doesn't like it as much and gets uncomfortable in it. I don't like the feeling of carrying all my child's weight on one shoulder but I'm actually breaking down and getting a Maya wrap. They are great to just pop the little one in for brief periods (my back can't handle the imbalanced weight distribution for long) and are probably the best for breast feeding. Good luck with your decision. I know I'm not the only mom who has more than 1 carrier and they make life so much easier. Also, your carrier needs will change as the baby grows so keep that in mind when you look at them.

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    The La Leche League sells the Maya Wrap. Can also buy it in the USA.
    The Maya Wrap allows you to "wear" the child to the front, side and, if you are daring, the back.
    Has never given us a sore back nor shoulder and we used it up to 10 or 12 KG. It will carry up to 45 KG, if I remember correctly.

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