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post partum hypERthyroidism

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    post partum hypERthyroidism

    i just got my blood test back indicating i have hyperthyroidism. i plan to see a specialist (thru the gov't system) to get more details and possibility of other stuff ie. grave's disease. and i plan to seek tcm advise and treatment as well.

    tho, thru my own research online, the western drugs used for treatment pass into breastmilk. so i'll have to wean. i'm a bit saddened by this bc i enjoy nursing.

    just wondering if anyone has had experience with this and could share w/ me. i feel so alone.

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    It is not a lay down muse that you will have to go onto medication and therefore have to give up breast feeding. It depends on the absolute level of your thyroid hormones and whether or not you are experiencing symptoms because quite frequently when the levels are only mildly abnormal the decision made by your specialist in conjunction with yourself is just to observe. I would try to see an endocrinologist who has a special interest in pregnancy/post pregnancy (the best sorts of specialists usually have a little niche sub specialty area). I am new to HK but don't know anyone here but perhaps someone in this readership may know?

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    I had hyperthyroidism during pregnancy, and I would strongly suggest talking to an endocrinologist as there are medications that aren't harmful to baby that can be prescribed, but it depends on your levels, which condition you have, and how well you react to the medications if prescribed.

    I wish you all the best... it is a hard thing to deal with.. and it may mean (like me) you have to be tested regularly to keep the condition in check.

    Good luck!


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