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Baby CPR / First Aid Classes

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    elodienyc is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2008

    Baby CPR / First Aid Classes


    Did anyone took baby CPR / First Aid classes? My husband and I are wondering whether they are worth it. We have books that cover most of the first aid procedures, do you there is added value in the classes?
    Any comments are welcome!

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    mummymoo is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Dear elodienyc,

    The answer is always it depends......sure books give you about 70% of the information but information about how hard to press, where exactly are the body landmarks to look for ect, are sometimes hard to work out from a text book unless you are in the medical field. Also, it pays, in my opinion to have a physica routine hard wired ino your thinking as you will use these routines only in times of stress and you do not want to be thinking to yourself ....well what comes an emergency you need to be briskly and smoothly flowing through the necessary steps.

    I already know first aid so don't need to enroll but given that my maid/helper will be spending time with my 7 monther, I will be sending her to a first aid course, for both my baby's sake and that of my friend's babies (whom we will be spending time with).

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    Can someone tell me where the recommended CPR courses are for both myself, hubby and our helper?

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    Courses are held at YWCA, Annerley and Matilda and The Family Zone

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    nbonnerf is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008

    The Matilda offers courses which i hear are excellent

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    Wan Chai

    As a former lifeguard i have been trained in adult and child CPR and First Aid years ago and I am definitely signing myself and my helper up for Infant/Child CPR and First Aid before the baby arrives!
    it is always helpful to take the course and put into practice what is in the books - that way, if an emergency does arise, you don't have to go reference any book!
    I personally signed up for the YWCA courses.

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    mrstee is offline Registered User
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    I highly recommend the Infant CPR/First-Aid course at Annerley. It's a bit pricey ($800 per person) but it covers everything and it is really helpful to practice on the infant dummies and to go through different scenarios. You can only read and picture how to do something from a book. It's better to have a certified instructor tell you if you are doing something wrong. The piece of mind is priceless. Our instructor, Wendy Sellinger, was great!

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    May 2010

    AEDhealthsolutions CPR training class

    Maybe I can introduce AEDhealthsolutions(AEDsupershopping LLC) CPR training center to you,this training center is specialize in CPR class;
    And if you're have more ideas to exchange,please feel easy to email me:
    [email protected]

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