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SCMP Good Scools Guide

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    SCMP Good Scools Guide

    Hi we are looking at moving to Hong Kong in the next 6 months and a poster reccommended i get a copy of the "SCMP Good Scools Guide"

    I am unfamiliar with this (we are from Australia) and was wondering if anyone has an e-version they could send me ?

    That said could anyone offer insight to the schooling system options re recommendations and curriculum, fees, waiting lists etc for families living in HK most likely Discovery Bay area?

    All advice gratefully accepted.

    Oh it is for 2 girls 5 and 7

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    SCMP good schools guide 2007

    This is the 2007 edition, I got the link off this previous post:
    SCMP Good Schools Guide 2007

    The link is:

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