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Helper Accomodations

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    Helper Accomodations

    Does anyone provide air conditioning for their helper? It seems so cruel that not only is their room the size of a closet, but also that it's boiling inside. Just trying to figure things out here.....what's the protocol?

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    entirely upto u i guess....i recently provided an electric fan for my helper ...that way u can also keep the electricity bills under control.

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    we live in a village house and our helper has a proper bedroom, not the usual shoebox. she has an aircon that she is welcome to use, plus she has a fan.

    we have also given her a dvd player and paid for 1/2 of her tv.

    she's EXTREMELY happy with the situation.

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    we installed aircon in our helper's room. it seemed cruel not to!
    we also provided a tv for her...and after 12 months as a thank you for her hard work we provided a dvd player
    at the end of the day its entirely up to you but i like to think that we treat her well and she treats us well too.

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    We also provide a fan and a space heater in the winter. Also told her she could sleep in our son's room if she felt very hot in the summer months. But she found the a/c too cold and prefered the fan.

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    fingerscrossed is offline Registered User
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    Our helper sleeps with our baby so the air-con's on. When the baby was sleeping with us, we said that she could use the air con but she was happy with the fan. I think some helpers just find air-con too cold for them.

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