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Weaning my 14 month old

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    Weaning my 14 month old

    I just nursed my 14 month old for the last time last Saturday. Although for me it was time to stop I was really sad the next day. I really do miss it but I also know that my little girl will move on.

    Now my question is this. She doesn't like cow's milk or formula. The most milk she will have is a bowl of cereal in the morning (around 150-180mls of cows milk in there) plus milk in her straw cup (1/2 cup or so). I try to give her yoghurt in the afternoon and calcium rich foods (tofu, kale, broccoli). Should I be worrying that she isn't drinking my milk as this society sort of puts the idea of drinking milk as a necessity for babies/toddlers. In fact I have read that contrary to what many of us have been taught, cow's milk isn't all it's set out to be.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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    My son now 17 months drinks only like 4oz of fresh milk a day, if he can drink 6 oz on that day i will be very happy. He never like milk powder when i wean him off totally at 9 months, he drinks very little of milk powder but he is doing all together fine. Each check-up that he had, doctors said he is growing healthy and strong. Give her cheese and solid food that are rich in calcium and if she likes soy milk, buy some soy beans to make your own soy milk to let her and you drink. No worry about not having enough of calcuim. If you go to the Government Mother and Child health care for her check-up, nurses there will give you two tumbs up and tell you that you did a good job for giving him solid that are rich in calcuim rather milk or any daily products.

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