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Help! Working mum leaving baby with helper...

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    hkmom1 is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2010
    causeway bay

    I got these at the wanchai computer center LevelOne - Home and Office Products - Surveillance

    They cost 1500hkd each but work wirelessly and over the internet.

    They are not hidden cameras, the helper knows that they're there but we explained its because we want to see him when we're at work. PM me if you're getting the same and I can help you with setup, it took about 4 days for me to figure out the first time but after that it's a snap takes 5 minutes to setup really.

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    dimsum mum is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
    Pokfulam Hong Kong

    if you're going to set up a nanny cam, then i would go about it like hkmom1 has - tell the helper you are installing one.

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    gladyswly's Avatar
    gladyswly is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Tung Chung, Hong Kong

    Thanks so much for the info hkmom1, but it's quite expensive, I will see if I can find some cheaper.

    I sure will tell her about the nanny cam because of the privacy ordinance issue. Thanks so much for the advice!!

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    Michelle2009 is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2009

    We have the same level one camera and we bought it for about the same price. However, at the moment, it only works at home but we cannot access it remotely as it seems there is some block put up by our internet provider (PCCW).

    Hkmom1 - are you with PCCW and if so, how did you manage to get yours to work? Was there a specific network configuration in the router you had to use? Any help in getting this one up and running would be massively appreciated as I really miss seeing my little girl now that I am back at work!

    We told our helper about the camera and also explained that it was for us to see the baby, and she was fine with it.

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    tash. is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007
    Hong Kong

    i'm using this one, which is brillant, coz i can listen to the baby ( i can even hear the toliet flush and when my helper hide anywhere talking on the phone) and talk thru the mic to my helper and baby. it is 360 degree cam, i have full control.! it cost around $1,600 around a year ago. i have got a friend of the sales from the shop to setup for me. i have a personal ip address. that means i can access the cam using my mobile too and from any computer. you just need to go to the address and input that user name and password (while setting up) so it is all secure . he charged me $3,000 for the setup. and it is trouble free. PCCW will charge you monthly and it is endless if you have technical problem you have to wait for them to schedule service. let me know if you need the contact and i will pass it on.

    and of coz my helper knew about it. she cant complains.

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