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Routine tests

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    Routine tests

    I am in my 9th week and have been to my obstetrician twice. He has not ordered any blood test for me yet. Is that correct? I had mentioned to him I did some blood test a few months ago during my normal health screen examination and everything was normal. This is my 2nd child so I know I am not rhesus -ve. But should I be tested for other stuff and is it too late if I do it later on?


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    There are a number of tests which are recommended prior to or just after conception. These include your blood count, thyroid levels, folate level, Hep B and Rubella immunity testing as well as the rhesus testing. Perhaps you obs knows you have had them done and they were normal so don't need to be tested. If concerned I would raise the issue with him or her, with our children and families we need to champion their care.

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