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Air Travel with 5 month-old

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    Air Travel with 5 month-old

    hi, we plan to travel to Malaysia next month with a 5 month old...any wise tips from anyone...what the must-to carry things on the flight? he is only on breastfeed. also which seats should we request for to make the flight is a 4 hour flight.

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    Dear Mushi,

    Generally for a long haul flight I would request the front most seats with a bassinet but for a four hour flight the utility of doing this would be questionable. Personally I like the aisle seats as I feel I am not so fenced in but then again it is not so private for breastfeeding.

    From all the research I did for flying, as well as a article given to me produced by the Victorian Health Service in Australia, it suggests that you have the baby suckle or suck a dummy on take off and more importantly on landing to avoid middle ear problems related to the cabin pressure.

    I have done loads of travel with a young baby, long haul too and it has not been an issue. The air stewardesses are usually more than happy to hold my baby when I need to use the bathroom even! And don't worry about the baby crying, planes are soooo noisy others seriously can't hear that much and generally if they see you are trying to quieten your baby empathise. Good Luck!

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    I've been to London and back with my 14 week old boy and I think night flying is great, as he was naturally sleepy and just slept on the plane. Although 4 hours isn't too long, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    I gave my baby a dummy to chew on take off and landing if he was awake. You can also let them feed, but I found this a bit akward to do as you have to have a seat belt around them that clips in yours - but is possible to do.

    Also take some baby panadol or similar incase they get sick or a fever on the plane so you can relieve the pain for them.

    I was also told to take a change of clothes for baby and for yourself - just incase you get spew all over you or something!!

    I took my baby bjorn carrier so that if my baby insisted on being held that I could put him in this to help relieve myself from holding him constantly.

    Have fun! They say it's easier to fly when they are young than when they are a bit older, so hopefully it all goes smoothly for you.


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    I traveled with my son by myself from London to NYC and back at 4 months. My husband and I recently did NYC to HK when he was 6 months.

    1) Take soothers for take off, landing and in between
    2) Take your bjorn to carry him as a stroller is just a pain in the end. Practice going to the bathroom with him attached to you as many airlines cannot hold your baby for you by law.
    3) take double the amt of diapers you would need in case of an accident.
    4) take 2 changes of clothing (onsies) in case of accidents
    5) take his/her favorite toys, a book etc...
    6) take at least 3 blankets (if you are flying business, you can often score a free seat next to you and lie him/her out as if they are in a crib).
    7) birth cloths and/or bibs (at least 2)
    8) if you baby is being bottlefed, we bought cheap bottles and disposed of them as we used them.
    9) if nursing then make sure you bring a cover
    10) take infant Calpol/tylenol

    hope this helps!

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