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Naming the baby?

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    About including the romanization of the Chinese name with the English name... I was not so keen on that either, as I feel that an English name is an English name and one can still have the Chinese name (in Chinese characters) --more true to form... but my husband pointed out that there will be LOTS of people with the same name as our children if we don't do that (this is if you choose more common English names and your surname is also a common one).

    True enough, I did a search online for "Name / Surname" of our children and there came out tons and that finally convinced me to include the "chinese" name in the English name on the birth cert. My cousin who has a very common name/surname was stopped at the Manila airport on his way out, because somebody else with the same name as his was on the Wanted list! Didn't want to have any hassle like that for our kids.

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    At least my surname isn't Lee, Chan or Wong (I think those are the three most common Chinese surnames - at least in Cantonese anyway)!! And we do plan on having an English middle name as well as an English first name...

    We asked my FIL to think about a Chinese name - hopefully he comes up with something good!! We have NOOOO idea how to choose Chinese names...

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