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Dr Anne Fang

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    Dr Anne Fang

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have Dr Anne Fang Hang Sang's phone number? I wanted to set up an appointment.

    Also - if anyone has any experience with her - please do share!

    I'm new to Hong Kong and found out i'm pregnant (first time!) last week - so would love any input.


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    Hi Kavita,

    Dr. Fang's phone number is 2890-8565. She has lots of patients, so the earliest first appointment you may get is perhaps 3 weeks later...

    She delivered my first 4 years ago (c-sect because baby was breech) and she had been very reassuring during the whole process. She talked like a mother to me when she saw me BF without a stool to support my feet. I'm going back to her for my second one, now in 4.5 months.

    She is straight to the point and explains everything in the ultrasound. Some of my friends think she is a bit distant so you really have to see her once to see for yourself.

    Good luck!

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