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Superphonics VS Jolly Phonics

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    Superphonics VS Jolly Phonics

    :thanks:thanks:thanksHi, Is there anyone heard about Superphonics created by Ruth Miskin in UK? Comparing with Jolly phonics, which one is better? Cause I want to choose phonics course for my 6-year-old daughter.

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    I knew Ruth Miskin when she worked in London as a head teacher and was beginning to develop her phonics programmes. Her system is simple and children pick it up incredibly quickly. It is highly effective and children enjoy the immediate success they have. I know I'm biased towards Ruth's scheme because I have seen it work incredibly well. She has now developed her system and launched it in schools, very successfully, in the UK as Read Write Inc. Check out her website.

    I have used Jolly Phonics as well. The down side of Jolly Phonics, I feel, is that some of the images don't match the sound particularly well, so for example, the sound 'r' is a dog shaking it's head and making that sound-now to me 'd' is for dog. So I find some of the images confusing. Just a personal gripe about the system.

    I was just wondering why you needed a phonics system for your six year old? What are you looking to add that she is not getting at school?

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