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Helper needed asap twins due march - clearwater bay

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    I just had twins two weeks ago and agree with Mom2Sofie&Twins...the best money Ive spent is on a maternity nurse.

    I had thought I would only B/F which I did exclusively at the hospital, but after coming home, Ive been maintaining a mix of pumping/bottle feeding B/M and B/F 2xday for each twin. This has given me the flexibility to get more of a break and really use the help I have (both a live in helper and the maternity nurse).

    Between feeding and getting twins settled to sleep, my helper and I get through the day fine, but by the end of the day when the nurse comes, we definately could use the break. I think the most important thing however has been the help the nurse has given in setting up and getting the twins onto a schedule, helping me with B/F and expressing, figuring out how much each should be eating and just having someone to 'report back to' with progress, issues etc so I know we are on the right track. Its also been good for me and my helper to get 'trained' by a professional and basically ease us into full time care ourselves.

    Twins are amazing, but they are more work. Im glad I set myself up early with lots of help rather than finding myself desperate after the fact and trying to 'catch up'. Think hard about what you think you can handle and try to talk to as many moms as possible who have twins to get a good look at what to expect. Everyone has different experiences and finding your right mix is the most important thing.


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    Santasia, what books have you read and where did you get them from as I can tfind them in my bookshop near the office. Where are you based - would be great to meet up! When are you due exactly?

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    we sell pregnancy and parenting books on ShopinHK. Here's a list of books on twins and multiples.

    Good luck!

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    Sarah, that sounds great. How long does she stay for? Just curious how it works over here.

    Personally I think (US-based) is the best source of information with regards to all your twin question. Traffic is high compared to many other twin sites. It's pretty US-oriented which was fine when we lived there, but I still enjoy the site a lot!

    Books ... I've read a couple but in the end Twinstuff was my best friend (it helped that I had a child before). I also loved Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child with regards to sleep. It's written by Dr. M. Weissbluth, our former pediatrician and it's a famous book especially in the US. He's working on his twin book (we participated) and it should be released within the next half year.

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