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Last minute C-sections at the Matilda

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    elephantine is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2005

    I'd agree that high demand at the Matilda (and probably other HK hospitals) ends up raising their c-section rates - in more ways than one.
    Even after being admitted for a natural birth at the Matilda, everyone is aware that there is only a very limited number of delivery rooms (I think only 2), so doctors and midwives are unlikely to want you to labor in there for ages while they know others are waiting! My own experience, as well as that of others I know, is that the docs end up doing unnecessary interventions to speed up labor, which in turn raises the likelihood of complications, and therefore also of emergency c-sections.

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    shoni is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    Just wanted to give a positive responce.

    I changed ob at 20 weeks, had a confirmed bed at 26 weeks, booked c section at 38 weeks which was cancelled as baby turned, and a 25 hour labour (12) in the delivery room no unnecessary interventions.

    This was just a month ago. I never felt any pressure to do something I was not happy with. I can recommend my ob, Grace Cheung, Central Health.

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    Tracey Nicole is offline Banned
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    i just gave birth at the matilda and have to second Shoni!

    i booked at 13 weeks, was confirmed at around 34 weeks and laboured and delivered normally (without any pressure). in fact the two midwives attending to me actually delivered my little one (Anne and Fina) and i can not recommend them or the matilda highly enough.

    they have four delivery rooms but like all private hospitals and the nature of labour, they can only accomodate if one is free. that being said, my initial obs had ben pracitcing in HK for 15-20 years and never had a patient refused at the Matilda.

    the night I was there they were at maximium capacity - not that i knew until the next day :-)

    hope this helps. trace

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    jaz1311 is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2008

    Matilda Hospital


    I dont think ob here will just recomend c-section unless its really necessary.

    I just return to HK last month and I went to 6 ob. None of them could get me a hospital bed till last week. I am already 28 weeks and I am now being booked at Matilda for a c-section in Nov.

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