Hi all,

I am new to this forum and hopefully I can find some help.
I have tried 2 IVF. First one in Nov 07 (put 2 eggs), got pregnant, but baby heart stop beating at 14 weeks :-( My doctor (Dr. William So) has done test on genes/chromosomes & blood test (Lupus anticoagulant screening). The results were all fine and doctor has really no idea what went wrong, guessing might be blood flow not good enough to support the growth.

I tried the 2nd IVF in July 08 (put 3 eggs) and failed. During both IVF, I had taken acupunture (started when egg implant, and continue for 5 days).

Recently when I sleep at my left side, my right arm feel a bit numb (like no blood flow to my right arm). I have very minor lower back pain ( this has started during my previous pregnancy and continued after miscarriage)

Would like to get some advice here:

(1) Will spinal cord issue impact to blood flow to uterus and therefore impact to pregnancy? If yes, how to treat?

(2) When should i try the next IVF Should I treat my back problem (see I chiropractor? Acupunture?) first ?

(3) I still have 3 sets of egg : 2 set with Grade 1 egg ( 1 each), 1 set with 3 egg (mix of Grade 2 & 1). In my next try, should i put in 1 egg or 3 egg? Which will have a better chance?