hi ladies,

how is everyone? hope brilliant!

update from me: Bella is now 17 days old ... we are back to the pedi tomorrow and I strongly suspect she is back to her birth weight. thanks god.

feeding is still my challenge in that my supply is still low. now topping up with formula at each feed. hulda visited which was great but i could not follow her suggested plan whilst my parents are here (too noisy and with my mother around too stressful!). i have started doing some doing some yuen and other alternative methods instead. will see hulda again this friday.

parents leave tomorrow night which in many ways i will be sad about. nice to have them around enjoying bella plus having a busy house (some of the time). the upshot, my time will be free-er to catch up with all of you.

not sure if you think i am being too ambitious but how about we shoot for scones next Sat or Sun afternoon? we could get take away and meet in the park just up from PR (same side as pacific coffee, opposite the famous temple, around 20 metres from PR). there is a lot of shade and we could meet around 4 it is cooler. i will bring my helper.

i will also write / contact you guys individually.

take care, trace