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really worried about neighbor's new floor paint

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    really worried about neighbor's new floor paint

    Maybe I am too paranoid, but I can't help it. The neighbor is repainting the floor for a new term of rent. The smell of the paint is pretty strong, even traveling to our living room when all doors are closed. I have the management team sealed their door, but I think I still inhale some smell. And I am pretty sure they removed the old paint before the repaint. And I saw on some paint manufacturer's website that lead dust is toxic and pregnant woman should not expose to it. I am not sure I was exposed to it because I don't know how far the dust can travel. What do you think I can do now?

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    Can you ask someone to walk over find out what kind of paint/brand is being used? In general paint fumes are bad (mask?) but most paints these days are lead free.

    I would keep your house well ventilated with all windows open and try and create drafts to clear the air.

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