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My toddler does not go up to China often but having a china card is for conveniency should we suddenly decide to go.

A normal visa is one where you can apply single or multiple trips with an expiry or upto 3mths I think so there is a hassle of reapplying again. The china card last for 5 years. With a visa you need to go via the foreign passport custom which takes longer - I used to have this before I had kids and it took 40mins as there were lots of foreign travellers. With the china card it took around 5mins as they have lots of counters.
You can get a year-long Chinese visa with multiple entries for your child if the parent is a HKID holder (and maybe if not--but our situation is the former)--application is not difficult and reapplication is also not difficult. Very straight-forward. If you're traveling with a baby and both parents have HKID's and/or a China ID card (as is my husband's case) they will not make you stand in the "visitor's line" just because your child is traveling on a passport and visa--no way! Actually, even before I had a HKID card, I could go into the HKID line with my husband even though I was traveling on a passport--never had any issues with it at all. So, I'd say, especially for younger children who cannot even receive a HKID card yet, getting a visa in their passport is probably a less stressful way of going to China--and it only needs to be renewed once a year!