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HELP needed for Breastfeeding Question - Frequency aft Solids?

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    HELP needed for Breastfeeding Question - Frequency aft Solids?

    HI there

    would like to seek from experienced BF mommies. My gal now is 7mths and 3 weeks. She has been taking solids 3meals a day. On top of that, i am still nursing her 5-6 times. I'm wondering when exactly or do we ever drop any nursing session as they grow? I am not ready to wean her, jus asking for my knowledge so that i dont overfeed. Cos my mom and some other mommies kept telling me some of the solids meals will be replacing the BF session and that i shud only feed my gal milk 3x a day! As i'm nursing her via direct latch, i have no idea how much she's taking. I cant nurse her base on demand, becos at this age, she's so curious about her surroundings and hardly make noise for her milk UNTIL i take her aside to nurse her. If i dont, she'll jus skip the session and seems to be fine, but when i offer, she'll take it too (a few mins). So i constantly have to remind myself around 3-4hours to offer her my breast. Dunno if i'm doing it right.

    Pls help!

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    I asked the pediatrician and she said that as a guide, babies should drink 500ml of milk (breast or formula) till they are 1. My baby is just over 8 months and here's what he takes:
    7am: cereal and fruit followed by bottle/breast (about 70ml)
    11-11:30am: bottle 180ml
    12:30: lunch
    3-3:30pm: bottle 180ml
    4pm: fruit snack
    6:45 dinner followed by bottle/breast ((70ml)

    He likes his solids so much that he was cutting back on milk, but last week started finishing his bottles. I roughly know how much he's fed at breakfast and dinner because if I'm at home I feed him, if I'm out, he gets a bottle.

    The ped also said we could cut back on the bottle feeds eventually, but he seems happy, so I'm not too fussed.

    Hope it helps :-)

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