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Obgyn - conflicting reviews

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    Obgyn - conflicting reviews

    Hi there,

    My partner and I are looking at starting a family soon and are first timers so full of questions and looking for an OB to handhold us through the process someone who has the knowledge and experience and good bedside manner I've read conflicting reviews on here about Sally Ferguson which has left me slightly confused! Just wondering if anyone could recommend an OB who delivers at Matilda and share their stories of first time births in HK?


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    I'm currently seeing Dr Joe Chan, at C&J's Medicare for Women, in Central. His wife also works at the same clinic. He was referred by my GP Lauren Bramley, and he has been great so far. I'm not due till December so can't give you any experiences about the birth. This is my first baby and Dr Chan always seems to have time to answer any questions I have, I've heard reports that many Ob's are too rushed and busy. Dr Chan is also very friendly and so far all has been good. I'm also delivering at the Matilda.

    His number is: 2525 9213 or 2523 3328

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    My husband and I thought Sally F was wonderful from preconception (we went to her from the outset) to post natal care; responsive to our endless questions, always ready to explain options and never once suggested a C-section (which seems to be routine in HK). I saw Patrick Chan when Sally was away and he was extremely nice also.

    Maybe you should narrow it down to a couple of recommendtions and go see the docs to establish if they are right for you? It's so important to have someone you are 100% comfortable with also someone who respects what you want (e.g. low level of intervention, natural etc.)

    For me the birthing experience was fantastic at the Matilda - all the staff were wonderful, the environment was soothing and a millions miles away from some of my friend's harrowing experiences in the UK and public hospitals in other countries.

    Obviously I'd planned to ease into labour and have everything go to plan - ha ha.. I ended up with pre-eclampsia, everything was rushed and I had to be induced early. Despite that, Sally and the Matilda staff were amazingly supportive and I have good memories of it all (aside of course from the pain which, I have to say while bad, wasn't as awful as I expected - the drugs worked well!)

    The aftercare and servcies were excellent also - baby clinics, breastfeeding assistance, mother and baby groups etc.

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