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HELP: Shenzhen - little vacation and zoo

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    HELP: Shenzhen - little vacation and zoo

    I was wondering if anybody could please give me some pointers in regards on how to get to shenzhen (e.g. i think we would prefer a coach somewhere from HK island, since we have 2 small kids). a family friendly hotel recommendation and any infos on the wild park zoo and other activities for kids. we are not looking to go shopping but rather have a week or so a relaxing time in a resort/hotel with several day trips and an easy way to get there and back of course from hk island.

    please help, as we have never been there before. thanks!

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    Shenzhen can be fun, but it can also be very baffling! Splendid China is not a bad place to visit, and I'm sure the children would like it.

    The zoo has a reputation for fairly awful and distressing treatment of animals so you might want to check up on that. I haven't been there though, so I can't speak from first hand experience.

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    Sheraton Dameisha Resort in Shenzhen is supposed to be really nice. Its only 30 mins from Lowu station.

    There are coaches from Wanchai Ferry Pier to Shenzhen. Not sure where they drop off and how far the resort is.

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    Sheraton Dameisha is not quite in the heart of Shenzhen, but it's a pretty nice resort with a waterslide that your kids might enjoy (depending on age). The Chinese food is reasonable in the hotel, you are within walking distance to a KFC & McDonalds (on emergency days that the kids insist on fries), and of course the hotel is right by beach and has indoor & outdoor pool. You could go to the Shenzhen Ocean Park, which is probably a 10 minutes ride or so by taxi from the hotel, and the OCT is in that area as well. you may consider staying there as well, or visiting (we haven't been there yet so no personal experience).

    The zoo is decent, and have mini-shows to showcase the animals, but of course are in Chinese, I don't recall if there's an English translation. Our LO was exhausted by the time the finale show and slept right thru it (abt. 3 or 4 pm).

    Windows of the World & Splendid China could be options as well, though honestly I wasn't impressed with Splendid China, the miniatures were just too laughable, looked like lumps of clay, but it was something to do, the shows were decent.

    There is also another waterpark/hotel that heavily advertises around the Lowu area, but unfortunately I can't recall the name.

    Hope this helps.

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