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    We are not beach people. But our son loves it. So we want to take him to the beach often , Just wanted to ask what things we should take with us to make his trip a happy one and ours fun too.


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    Beach toys --a bucket, a shovel, etc. (which you can get from any stationery store or even Park n Shop). We also bring our stacking cups with us, too; my kids love to make different sizes of 'cupped' mounds with sand.

    Apart from building sand castles, we dig out big holes --holes big enough for both our kids to climb down (sort of like a bunker!). My 16-month old loves climbing in and out of the hole. If you dig deep enough (close to the water), you will be able to have water seep through to the hole and it makes for some fun stomping. :)

    Do make sure that you get him a sun hat.

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