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Anyone employed husband & wife helpers before?

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    mel_g20 is offline Registered User
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    Anyone employed husband & wife helpers before?

    Will keep it brief, and would really appreciate advice.

    I am considering going back to work. I have a great helper at the moment, and if I work, I would like to employ a second helper to help her with the extra workload. (I have 2children).

    The two helpers would have to work well together, and my current helper has asked if I would consider employing her husband. He would live out in this scenario.

    My question is has anyone else employed 2 helpers where they are husband and wife, and how was it? I'm not sure how I feel about this, I can see some advantages and some disadvantages. Or has anyone out there considered it and then decided not to. If so why not?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Portia is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2006
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    I employ 2 helpers, but they are not a husband and wife team. I am interested in a H&W team, but have not done it at this stage because it would mean releasing one of the helpers that I want to keep.

    A friend who employs a H&W team advised that you need to make sure the H is someone who will pull his weight as some of the Hs that she has seen in teams just spend their time bossing their Ws around and not doing much work!

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    aussiegal is offline Registered User
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    The idea of employing my helper's husband strikes the fear of god into me! He is bone lazy as I have been told many Phillipino men are who send their wives off to work while they do little to nothing. I think it's a fairly common trait there though obviously not PC to say so.

    I think a better option would be to offer to bring a sister, cousin etc out.

    I also wouldn't want a guy (stranger) in my house with my kids while I am out.

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