i have had a very bad experience with this pilate studio...the venue is not conveniently located for pregnant women...it's up on Wynham street and imagine you had put on 30-40+lbs and climbing uphill. Secondingly, if you don't show up within 3 months of your last lesson taken, before your delivery, all your paid lessons will be forfeited...unless you are willing to pay for another thousands of dollars for a new packaged course. As well, if you aren't able to take classes (either pre or post natal period) due to physical reasons, too bad, your classes will also be forfeited...unless it's within 3 months since you've taken your last lesson....

i wanted to take the lessons after I've delivered yet the instructor was away town for months and months for a couple of times...and after she returned, my classes expired!

anyhow, very disappointed with the instructor's attitude. she may be a good ballet dancer...but definetly not a good pilate instructor. she doesn't have the mind set of being a good, professional instructor.

to conclude, if i'm going to pregnant again, pilate will be a good choice for some prenatal exercise. but DEFINETLY, i won't go and won't recommend anyone to attend pilate class by RH pilate studio!