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deposit from Adventist

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    deposit from Adventist

    My due date is Mar 1. Paid deposit to Adventist at 14 weeks, cos they said I had to, altho i want to have my baby at matilda, where i am on the waiting list.

    if soon i can be confirmed a space at matilda, will I be able to get a refund? Had anyone bn able to get their deposit refunded from Adventist if they plan to have the baby somewhere else? e.g. not in HK? what kind of medical reasons they need? i'm hoping to have a birth as natural as possible, so i'm gonna do hypnobirthing & with acupuncture. I'm gonna switch ob-gyn, so hopefully i can get a space at Matilda. Does anyone know if they suppport hypnobirth & acupuncture birth at adventist?

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    I also just paid my depost at the Adventist, yes after they kept calling me about it. On the receipt, it says that if you decide not to give birth there, advance payment will not be refunded. And if for some medical conditions that prevent you fm giving birth there, advance payment will be refunded after 10% deduction. Didn't say what type of medical conditions, but need to be documented by your gyn.

    good luck. Not even advance payment guarantees you a bed. My friend gave birth last year had to go there one day earlier than her actual c-session date to secure a place...

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    You wont be refunded if you choose not to give birth there unless you have a medical reason, if its purely for personal preference, they wont, coz they have explained to you this in advance, before you have made the payment

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