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Relocation and helper

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    Relocation and helper

    We are in the process of hiring a helper. It takes already almost 6 weeks now and guess what, yesterday we've heard we are getting relocated in 2 months. What to do now? The helper is in her homecountry. We didn't use an agency. Can I just call her and government and cancel everything? Or do I have to get her to HK?
    I prefer getting her to HK, because she loves it here, she can find a new employer and for me it's easy because I can use the asianmiles, :Butbut.....can she enter Hong Kong without workingvisa? I've heard that once the helper has a domestic helper visa, can not change to touristvisa. Is that correct?

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    if you continue with the hiring process and bring her in on a domestic helper visa under contract to you she should find it MUCH easier to find another job here. You will be able to terminate her contract as as you are leaving the country, This means that she does not need to go back to the Philpiines for processing if she can find a new employer. That is a BIG plus for her when employers are often in a hurry and do not want to wait 6-8 weeks for a helper to start

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