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Helper as a guarantor of her friend's loan

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    Helper as a guarantor of her friend's loan


    Recently, I've been getting phone calls on my landline looking for my helper. They do not reveal their real identities, just a Ms. Wong or Mr whatever. My helper told me that she had signed as a guarantor for her friend who took out an almost 20K loan. Her friend apparently has not paid. Now, my helper is scared that they would run after her as they have also called her family in the Philippines. She told me if I can just tell them that she has been terminated already so they would stop calling.
    First I would like to know how I can report these harrassing calls to the police if they dont reveal their real identities. Second, I really dont think that it is right for my helper to pay off her friend's loan although she signed on it. I think she has been ignorant of the matter and didnt know the ramnifications. She has been trying to reach her friend who borrowed not to much avail. Will these "banks" be able to tell me later on to pay my helper's salary to them? Will my helper have any criminal liability with regards to this?

    Any advices on how to deal with this?


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    if she signed as a guarantor, then she is liable for the loan if her friend hasn't paid. if she didn't realise that at the time, tough luck.

    i would suggest to her that she arrange to pay a portion of her salary to pay off the loan and then she will have a clean slate.

    chances are, she will never hear from her "friend" again.

    lesson learned.

    ps> if you have the money, you could pay it for her and then deduct a portion of her salary until it is paid. of course, this would be on condition that she NEVER do it again.

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    It is VERY common here to act as a guarantor to a "Friend". That's why it's in my own contract that she cannot act as guarantor or else she will be terminated. Sounds mean, but it's for her own good.

    I have interviewed a terminated helper before, her employer fired her bec of this. Usually chinese employer doesn't like loan banks to call their house.

    No choice for your helper but pay it as she signed to be a guarantor.

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    This happened to us earlier this year. I took the calls after the second time they called. The caller would always not say anything when I answered, but would not hang up either. I would then put down the phone, but they would promptly ring back. Really annoying. On the fourth or fifth call, I told them firmly that I have their caller number and that I will report them to the police as they are, in essence, harrassing me (owner of the phone). That stopped them from calling my landline, but it turned out that they would call my helper's mobile. Luckily, in the end, my helper convinced her friend to show up and pay at least a fraction of what was owed.

    I think she learned her lesson about being a guarantor. Thing is, she just agreed to be a guarantor to this 'friend' just because they come from the same province and she doesn't even really know her that well!

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    Agree with Cara entirely.
    If you try to ignore the matter, it may create more stress for you and your helper.
    If you felt like trying to help, could you contact this 'friend' and firmly encourage her to pay.
    Unless the loan company took the matter to court, they cannot deduct your helper's salary to pay off the loan.

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