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any prioritised kindergarten for ESF?

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    any prioritised kindergarten for ESF?

    Hi, I heard that Starters kindergarten is good to enter ESF. Does it mean that this kindergarten has the priority to enter ESF? I heard that once you apply for ESF, ESF staff will come to visit starters to see the candidate, and they are mostly accepted to ESF. Starters teacher also writes letters to ESF. Is it true? My child is going to Woodland Pok Fu lam, and i also heard that woodland is also good to enter ESF, but I have not heard that teacher does some things for the child to get into ESF... Please let me know!!!

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    Salseros, my son went to ESF Kindy and this is what happened 2 years ago. The ESF Primary teachers came to the Kindy to observe and speak to the kids. They also went through their portfolios, to check their progress. The kids are then invited to the Primary School in early Feb/March for an interview. Interviews are conducted in small groups with other classmates, so your child will recognize a few familiar faces.
    Have been told the same happens at Woodlands.

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    What about SMCK?

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    The way it has been explained to us by ESF (our daughter is currently in K2 at their kindergarten on HK Island), the ESF teachers go to more than just the ESF kindergarten although I don't know whether they go to every kindergarten with applicants or just a small group, and the kids don't even know they are being assessed.

    When the children are interviewed it is their knowledge of english and comprehension that seem to be most important.

    It's all very confusing.. especially when you are new to this whole 'interviews to get into school and waiting lists' thing.
    We still don't exactly know which ESF school we will be zoned for or whether our daughter will get in...

    Good Luck!

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    Technically NO kindergarten has priority for the traditional ESF schools (i.e. all those schools apart from Renaisance and Discovery College).

    Go to and it tells you how they determine priority-Priority goes to,
    - Children who only speak English
    -Children with parents who teach in ESF; children who have siblings in ESF schools
    -Children whose parent/s went to an ESF school

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