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DBIS & ESF kindy tung chung

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    Jo Bowd is offline Registered User
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    Beacon Hill, Kowloon.

    Pekkie, how do you manage with feeding your daughter lunch? We were offerred an afternoon place, but decided to turn it down as I thought that trying to get my son eat his lunch at 11am was not viable. (We live at Penninsula Village, so the bus ride would be more like 40 minutes).

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    Just wanted to comment on the difference. As a Dutch with US/Dutch children, I think the Anglo Saxo system starts things way earlier than e.g. in the Netherlands. My 4 yo is starting to learn letters, writing, reading, etc. something she would not learn until age 6 in the Netherlands (she already started at preschool in the States at age 2-3). Most of my friends tell me they're usually ahead of their Dutch peers age 4-6, but very same level at age 7-8. Starting earlier isn't wrong or right perse but it doesn't mean they'll be quicker in the end, KWIM? It's just a different approach.

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    Pekkie is offline Registered User
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    Hi Jo, yea.. indeed it was a challenge feeding lunch at around 11.15am and dinner at 5.30pm. For the first 2 weeks when I was at school with her, I had lunch and dinner the same time with my daughter too. I would say it wasn't really that difficult, for the first day though the hunger pang strikes at noon even though we had lunch at 11am! But it took only a few days for us to get used to the new lunchtime. Besides, the school offers snack time around 1-2pm (the children are free to eat if they are hungry)

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