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C-Section at Queen Mary

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    C-Section at Queen Mary


    I am actually being booked for a c-section in Matilda.

    I just seen my ob yesterday and after the ultra sound scan he discuss with me that we might need to have a back up plan in case my s-section gets in bad complication.

    He suggest that I also visit a ob in QM which was refered by him. I believe I would be in a private room since I am not a HK resident.

    I would like to know if anyone who have done a c-section in QM how was it? Please share with me your whole experience.

    - would they allow the baby to be with you
    - would husband have access to the baby.
    - are they very rigid with visiting hours.

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    i had two c-sections at QMH but as a public patient.
    the best thing to do would be to ask the hospital itself as i think most on here that have been to QMH have not been private patients. there may be different rules for private patients.

    good luck!

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    Hi there, i have had 2 emergency c-sections at QM also as a public patient. I did however meet a few private patients who also had babies in the NICU, If you are private, they are more relaxed about visiting hours. I dont remember who did my first c-section but the one i had in may was done by dr. hon and he was fantastic. My scar has also healed very well.

    Your questions would best be answered by the hospital. but even in the public ward, the baby is with the mother the whole time. mine were in the NICU so i didn't get a chance to keep either of them with me but all the other women in the ward had their babies with them. In the public ward, they are pretty strict about visiting hours but if you are in the private room, he can stay with you for longer and is not limited to the 2hr visiting window. if you have more questions, you can pm me and i can talk to you on the phone. don't worry, the public system is very good and i find if you ask the right way, more often than not, they are willing to work with you. when i was in labour and the drs. kept coming in to check my cervix i really insisted that hubby was there too. they originally said no, but i just told them i would be more cooperative and relaxed if he was there to hold my hand and i wouldn't lie down until they agreed. just know that if you are having an emergency c-section or there is some complication with the baby,i.e. fetal distress, they will not let your hubby come into the operation room.

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