Please help a newbie! Maybe someone will be able to answer a few questions I have about helpers. I'm new to HK and DH policies.

1. My helper finished her contract and then began work for us. (She did not take a leave to the Philippines between contracts.) We agreed during the interview that she would take her leave in December, but I'm having difficulty wading through laws in regard to this. How many days holiday should she receive and since this is over Christmas/Day after Christmas do I need to add extra days?

2. She stayed in a boarding house for two days during the transition between employers. Is it customary for an employer to pay for the boarding house fees? If so, of course I'll ask the rate she paid, but what is a fair rate?

3. What information is helpful to collect from her? I'll scan a copy of her passport and HK ID, and get an emergency contact or two, but what other information might be helpful at a later date?