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Transporting/ Storing expressed milk

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    Transporting/ Storing expressed milk

    I will be working fulltime next month and have some qusetions I will like to ask any mothers with similar experiences for advice.

    First, if I pump milk directly into bottles(pre sterilized) and keep those in the fridge at work for 6-7hrs and then transport them home in a ice bag( 1hr travel time). How long can I can those at fridge? Am I right if it is 2-3days?

    OR should i pump the milk into freezer bags and freeze them at work ( 6-7hrs), store in ice bag(1hr commute time) and then freeze them again in my home freezer?

    OR instead of freezing the bags at work, should I just put them in the fridge compartment for 6-7hrs then transport them back in ice bag and only freeze them once I am back home?

    Pls advise, the questions may sound stupid but as a first time mom I want to be really sure my milk is safe for my baby.Thanks so much!

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    I pumped into bottles and kept EBM in the fridge for a maximum of a week. If I had a lot leftover, I froze it. 2-3 days is a conservative estimate.

    I didn’t like to pump into bags since milk in bags is easy to spill. Bottles are also more economical, especially if you pump a lot during a day.

    For freezing, I used bags (Lansinoh and Medela). My frozen milk was fine after 6 months

    If you are going to use up the milk within the week, there is no need to freeze. Freezing actually destroys some properties in the milk, and I understand that some babies don’t like defrosted milk.

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    It is fine to put your pumped milk in the fridge and then transport it in an ice box. You can then keep the milk for up to seven days. You can also freeze the milk and it can then be stored for up to three months (in a fridge/freezer with separate doors).

    As Noc said freezing destroys some of the properties of the milk so generally we suggest just storing in the fridge rather than the freezer if you are going to use it within the next week.

    If you add milk together from different days remember that it can only be stored for seven days from the date of the older milk.

    As you haven't started back at work yet you don't know how much your baby will need at each feed. Many mothers find that sterling an ice cube tray and freezing the milk in small quantities which can then be stored together is one way of saving space in the freezer and at the same time allowing you to get a small amount of milk defrosted easily.

    LLL has a working mothers e-mail list and you are very welcome to join it. Either go to and click the button or go to

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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